Get to know me:

J. Kyle Reynolds is a singer/songwriter raised in the red clay of the peach state and currently resides in Nashville, TN.

From a young age, J Kyle was captivated by music and fell completely in love with it. His mother would sing and he would listen, learning harmonies and pitch. At 8 years old, J Kyle picked up his first guitar. By age 12, he was performing for his friends at school and in his school choir. Fast forward 4 years and J Kyle was playing guitar and singing in the Youth Praise Band at Loganville First United Methodist. Since the fire started, it has never ceased. J Kyle writes, produces, records, and mixes a majority of his own songs and has partaken in many projects such as "Last Word" (2007), "A Forced to be Reckoned" (2007-2010), "Nine" (2010 - 2013), "Project Grayscale" (2013-2014) and is currently pursuing a solo career in country music. Through his past endeavors, J Kyle learned a great mix of different genres such as: RnB, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, and Country. All of these styles can be heard in the grit of the guitar of Rollin' & Ridin', the broad vocals heard in Spring Break '08, and the smooth lyrical flow of You Saved Me.

For J Kyle, country music is only natural. His southern drawl mixed with a bluesy feel meets to create punchy a "Southern Twang". He released his single "When You Smile" in May of 2015 and 94.9 The Bull in Atlanta aired it for 10 weeks. This was how J Kyle discovered his niche. The next project was his self-titled EP "If I Got You" which was released in 2016. J Kyle then followed his EP with Bud Light Sippin', his latest single released in 2018. Bud Light Sippin' also aired on 94.9 The Bull as well as Kicks 101.5 in Atlanta. New songs are always underway, so keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates, and new song releases! 

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